There is a new internet marketing company in Denver that really has started to take traction. The company specializes in working with small and micro businesses. Their aim is the help the small guy compete with the big corporations. 


A quote from their website: "Most of these small businesses can't afford a large internet marketing firm. However, with over 80% of people searching for local businesses on the internet its imperative for them to have some sort of internet presence.”


Apparently they have created a system to automate a lot of process that typically would take a lot of time and money to help companies over all visibility.


Also, they admit that they are not going after the big keyword terms, but more after the smaller terms. “The sum of easier keywords usually is equal to our more then that one big keyword”


They do require the small business owner to do some of the heavy lifting too. They ask the owner to do some of the writing for their site. “The owner of a business is gong to know more about their business, customers and their industry then us. We ask them to write some content for their site and then we run it by our copy editor. This really reduces our cost, which is passed onto our clients.”


They also use social media to help generate traffic to their clients sites. “We have a dedicated social media person who runs all of our clients Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. She is great and more importantly she is quick.” Depending on our client’s industry we will pick 1 or 2 social media platforms which we feel is where our client’s potential customers are.”


This Denver SEO Company started up in the last couple of months and really has turned on some Denver small business owners.